söndag 29 april 2012


sooo im about to post my second inlay for today and it feels kinda weird because i haven't post anything for like a week and now i'm doing two! sweet as!

sooooo what am i doing right now.....you dont wanna know! haha ;)
naah im sitting in my bed trying to like get this out to you guys and then im planing to skype home if there is anyone on the other side. (sound creepy)

yeah and what happens tomorrow then? me and Annie are gonna take the bus to Queenstown, yaaaay.
so anyway, here's some pictures you guys can enjoy till the next time i write something totally awesome ;)

Mount doom (To you guys it's mordor from the lord of the ring)

This was sooo awesome!

Soooo, i have 16,376 km to paris. lets go!

SOOOOO amazing!

The glacier

My mates from denmark! :D

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