torsdag 24 maj 2012

How's Work?

I'm back in Queenstown after 10 days with Erin and our camper. I just wanted to start of by saying thanks Erin for the awesome 10 days we had.
But whatever i'm just going to post loads of pictures here now and ill hope you guys enjoy it. Xx
Jailbouse (Hostel in Christchurch)

Erin and Tom

Spermwhale (i know what your thinking and yes thats why the water is so salty)

Where the fuck are we going!?

On our way to Mount Cook

Milford Sound

Devil staircase

Bye Bye car!

lördag 12 maj 2012

7 Hours walk

My mom told me that she wanted to see where i lived for the moment i NZ. So i'm like yeah sure why not! soooo 7 hours later and im back here trying to post anything goooood :D

Springer ner från Ben Lomond och flummar!